Cierzan Garden Center
Cierzan Garden Center

„Gardening is our passion. We are happy with what we can offer you ”

Bedding And Balcony Flowers

They are a colorful accent of our surroundings.

Coniferous Trees And Bushes

Let's start creating our garden from them.

Deciduous Trees And Shrubs

They add character and thanks to them our garden is constantly changing.

Perennials And Grasses

Without them, our garden would be monotonous.


A healthy life is the basis for well-being.

Fruit Trees And Bushes

Fruit tastes best straight from the tree, and we know what we eat.


Green walls create an ideal microclimate for people.

Three generations of horticultural tradition

We are a family company that has been associated with the horticulture industry for generations. Each year we increase the production of plants and the range. Currently, we have over 0.5 million plants per year on 2 ha. These are the main bed and balcony flowers, perennials and chrysanthemums.

Few years ago we expanded our activity and created a GARDEN CENTER on the premises of our farm. Our offer now also includes nursery and fruit material. We work with the best nurseries in Poland, and our plants reach many points of sale throughout Pomerania. We have been trusted by several towns from this region of the country and for many years our flowers have been decorating their streets. We also have a wide selection of gardening items that you can obtain in our garden store. Thanks to our education and experience gained over the years, the assortment of plants we offer is of high quality and we try to make it as diverse as possible, so that everyone can find something for themselves.

Gardening is our passion, so we look forward to what we can offer you. We invite you to visit our center, where you will find everything for the garden and more …

Rafał Cierzan
ul. Ogrodowa 27
83-440 Karsin

NIP 591-160-10-66

+48 577-326-192
Opening hours:

monday-friday: 8.00-18.00
saturday: 8.00-16.00

Opening hours autumn/winter:

monday-friday: 8.00-16.00
saturday: 8.00-15.00

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